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Professional Teaching Certification

Professional Level certification reflects artist’s preparedness for teaching Umfundalai to dance professionals and a working knowledge of African Diasporan dance.  Professional Umfundalai  Teachers are usually called to teach students of all ages, college level courses, and professional dance companies.  To this end, Professional Certified Umfundalai Teachers must demonstrate proficient performance of the seven core movement and working knowledge of the advanced progressions and variations. 



  • Completion of the M'Singha Wuti Training

  • Active Membership to the Organization Umfundalai Teachers

  • Attendance at Teachers' Intensives and Nanigos

  • Mentored Teaching with an Mwalimu (Minimally 1 Calendar Year)

  • Completion of a culminating project (Past culminating products have included, teaching classic Umfundalai repertory to a professional company, creating a Umfundalai dance community, development of Umfundalai learning materials.)

Photo Credit

Pictured ( Left to Right): Stafford C. Berry, Jr., C. Kemal Nance, Dara Meredith, Angela Pittman; Photography: Aaron Davis


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