The Organization of Umfundalai Teachers

The Organization of Umfundalai Teachers (OUT) is a consortium of African dance artists, educators, and scholars who work to expand the depth and breadth of the Umfundalai technique of contemporary African dance.  OUT is an educational entity that oversees the professional training and credentialing of aspiring Umfundalai teachers and a professional ally for communities that support African Diasporan artistic expression in contemporary and neo-traditional contexts.


The Organization of Umfundalai Teachers (OUT) aims to heighten the quality of contemporary, neo-traditional, and Diasporan African dance teaching in North America. We provide teacher training, professional development, and certification in the Umfundalai contemporary African dance technique for aspiring African dance educators and offer resources that include but are not limited to curricula, research, and youth/student development program models. OUT provides administrative, consulting, and/or artistic services to organizations in North America and abroad that share/offer African dance in their educational, recreational, and/or production activities.