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The Leadership in Umfundalai's evolving dance tradition serves to not only perpetuate the artistic legacy of its progenitor, Kariamu Welsh, D. Arts, but to also advance and grow the technique and to ensure that it maintains its integrity as it passed from generation to generaion.


The Council of Umfundalai Teachers

The Council of Umfundalai Teachers is a consortium of African dance artists, educators, and scholars who work to expand the depth and breadth of the Umfundalai technique of contemporary African dance. Comprised of Umfundalai's certified professional teachers and master teachers, the Council of Umfundalai Teachers is an educational entity, under the National Association of American African Dance Teachers (NAAADT) umbrella, that oversees the professional training and credentialing of aspiring Umfundalai teachers and a professional ally for communities that support African Diasporan artistic expression in contemporary and neo-traditional contexts.

Uongozi Leadership Circle

After Kariamu Welsh’s passing, Oluko Kemal Nance started a team of seasoned Umfundalai teachers and master teachers to focus on the development of Umfundalai as a movement practice and theoretical paradigm.  On September 11, 2022, Oluko started the Uongozi Leadership Circle, a think tank team who works on knowledge production in Umfundalai, a function Mama Kariamu fulfilled until her transition on October 12, 2021.   

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