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M'Singha Wuti Training

The M'Singha Wuti Training prepares an artist to share Umfundalai with amateur/recreational dance communities including but not limited to dance ministries, extracurricular arts exposure programs, senior dance communities etc.  Participation in the Umfundalai Teachers' Intensive (1.5 day workshop/lecture experience) and successful completion of its 'teach back' activity qualifies artists to receive this community-based teaching credential. 


The Certificate of Completion one receives upon finishing the M'Singha Wuti Training marks the beginning of his/her pursuit of knowledge about Umfundalai and African Diasporan dance.  M'Singha Wuti trained artists are strongly encouraged to pursue Professional Certification.



  • Attendance to the Umfundalai Teachers' Intensive (Usually in January)

  • Purchase of the Iwe Illanan Umfundalai Teachers' Handbook.

  • Active participation in and completion of M'Singha Wuti Training.





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