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Mwalimu (Master Teachers)

Master Teachers represent the elders of the Umfundalai dance legacy.  Largely, their responsibility to is to continue the legacy of Umfundalai achievements, train aspiring Umfundalai teachers, and offer leadership in the institutions that support the maintenance and growth of Umfundalai, both its movement practice and philosophy.


Pre-Requisite experiences for Umfundalai dance masters include:

  • A demonstration of all the competencies of a Professional Certified teacher.  Master Teacher must be actively engaged in teaching Umfundalai technique and/or lecturing about it as an intellectual paradigm.

  • Lived experiences in African dance in a location outside of the contiguous United States of America.  

  • A culminating product that reflects one’s comprehensive understanding of Umfundalai, other African dance styles, and proficiency in Umfundalai performance.

  • Year–long mentorship with Mwalimu.

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