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About Cheryl...

Cheryl M. Stevens, Ph.D. is a dance faculty member in the Visual and Performing Arts Department at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC and a physical therapist assistant. Stevens assists and continues to perform with The E. Gwynn Dancers of NC A&T SU where the dance company performs a diverse repertory of dances forms from Africa and the African Diaspora. Stevens is also the Director of the Saturday Dance and Drumming Academy, the Visual and Performing Arts dance program’s community outreach for children ages 4-14. For over thirty years, Stevens has taught health and physical education, interdisciplinary dance education, modern dance, beginning ballet, West African dance, Umfundalai African dance technique, Dunham technique, and a variety of wellness and fitness based classes from kindergarten through the university level. Stevens’ research focus and continuing education is in dance education, cultural dance forms, holistic wellness and fitness, integrative physical therapies, and she is studying dance and Parkinson’s disease.

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